Become a Teacher Research with me, Sally Donnelly. Use this website to join my cool Teacher Research Club led by me, a teacher who has been involved in teacher research since 2004.

Each month, a different topic will be highlighted. By following the topic each month and by reflecting often along the way and then acting systematically within your classroom, you will complete a teacher research cycle. In the process, YOU will grow professionally and your students will benefit from your growth. Plus, by doing this work in the company of other like-minded educators, you can support and be supportive.

If you live near me, join me in person each 1st Sat. and/or 2nd Wed. of the month. If interested but can’t meet me in person at either time, then schedule a time to be reflective. Then make a research question. Then start systematically seeing what happens in your classroom. Document it. Then at the end of the school year, share it.

Use this site as a place to guide your teacher research project. Share as a member of the ROTA (Reflect Often, Then Act) Teacher Research Club.